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 As seen on My Ghost Story, Episode 29, 2012 on Bio network.
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Serving The Pennsylvania Counties Of Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery And Philadelphia, And The South Jersey And Northern Delaware Areas.

EVP Recordings

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

While doing a night long investigation at the infamous Eastern State Pen, we captured this EVP  in cell block 10.  We were split into two teams of four. While Jim was recording using a standard digital recorder, John, Chris and Rich decided to head back up to the entrance of the cell block. Jim said "go on ahead, I'm right behind you." What we hear on the recording relates to just that!  My belief is that it was one spirit talking to another spirit or perhaps more. I purposely amplified the section that holds the EVP, so listen closely. When you hear the audio get louder, listen for what we think is, 
"Let them hide. He won't stay" If you think you hear something different, please feel free to post it on our GUESTBOOK page. We are always looking for extra ears to figure EVP'S out!

This EVP was recorded in death row. It was recorded with Jim, John, Chris Jennings and Rich Jennings present. Our investigator, Chris Jennings, was conducting the session and asking the questions. Death row is in a completely separate building from the other cell blocks. I point this out because this EVP is more then just a whisper. We actually picked up a solid toned voice and I want people to know that our other team was in the main part of the prison. . The problem we are having regarding this EVP is, we can't seem to make out what it is saying completely. My ears, (and our other investigators agree), is that their is six syllables. I am hearing the last three as being the word RESPECTFUL. My guess is that it's saying something like "You say your respectful?". but I would really LOVE to hear from everyone who plays it as to what they hear.    

This EVP was recorded by Jeff Kinter, one of our investigators, also down in death row, or the hole, as it's been referred to. You will hear Amanda Kinter, also one of our top investigators, state "Maybe they are just scared". What we recorded after that, in a strong whisper, sounds like "Strike Three". It's interesting to note that Eastern State's baseball field sat right outside of the death row building. Whether or not that had anything to do with the EVP, we'll probably never know. Again, if you are hearing something different, please let us know by posting it on the guestbook page!   

This EVP was recorded in cell block 12. Block 12 is a second floor block that was extremely creepy to say the least, and very active as well! Once again, I have amplified the EVP or spirit voice to hear it better, so when you hear the sound level go u, that's your Que to listen closely.  After you hear me, (Jim), ask Who wants to go home?, you will hear "HELP! They're raping me here!" The "Help" is quite clear. Their are some disagreements as to the second part. See what your ears tell you and let us know on our Guestbook.  

Again, recorded in cell block 12, This EVP is a loud whisper that sounds much like the voice in the EVP above. The fact that it was recorded just 5 minutes and 33 seconds after the above, might have something to do with that. You will once again hear the audio get louder as I have amplified the spirit voice section. To my ears it sounds like it's saying "Let me the F@#K...OUT!", but as with all of these EVP's, we would love to have your opinion.  

This was recorded on one of our video cameras. We took the audio from that video and, once again, amplified the section that we hear something on. This sounds to our ears as if its saying "More Attention". It was recorded in cell block 10, as we were video taping into cell #23. The voice speaks in a whisper, and also speaks very fast. Please let us know if you are hearing something else! 

Here is another gem recorded by investigator Jeff Kinter!  This was recorded in cell block 12. You will hear Jeff say "we're walking". We say this so we don't confuse our footsteps and shuffling as something paranormal. As soon as you hear Jeff say this, you will hear a loud whisper say "Take My Picture". Of course, Jeff and his investigation party had numerous camera's rolling at the time, making this statement even more interesting!

Jeff Kinter recorded this EVP while investigating death row or "The Hole" with Amanda Kinter. You will not be hearing a spirit voice in this one. What makes this EVP amazing is the question asked and the particular way in which it was answered. You will hear Jeff ask if the prisoner who's cell he was investigating in, sign a confession. He asks "did you have a name or did you sign it with an X?"  What you will then hear is the sound of metal, (prison tin cup?), scrape two distinct lines along the concrete floor. The fact that no one involved in this EVP session heard anything at all is the main reason we use digital recorders. They often DO hear what the human ear cannot! 

Public Park and public road, Lansdowne, PA

This EVP was recorded on 2/10/12 using a standard digital recorder. This was only our third visit back to this site in quite a while, and, while we anticipated working this site more frequently, this class B EVP has us more excited about doing so. On this recording, you will hear Jim say "Here comes a car", as he prepares John who was shooting video. While walking out of the way, you will hear a whispered voice say "Get Out Of It" . This is interesting at the very least, and a bit unnerving at best! Most of you who have followed this investigation with us over the last year and a half, know that the spirits haunting this site were killed in a car accident. Perhaps one of them was refering to Jim talking about the car coming. 

This EVP was recorded 4/5/11 and in considered to be an "A" EVP. Early on in the investigation, and while John was holding the regular digi recorder, he picked up this eerie and clear evp. I was approximatly 10-15 feet in front of him using the "spirit box". You will hear me say "walking" and then your hear either "Fear Them" or "Hear Them".  We would love your feedback on this one! It changes the whole tone of the investigation if we heard Fear them as opposed to Hear Them! Please let us know what you hear by signing in on our guestbook

**This EVP, also recorded 4-07-11, is in response to something Jim is saying to John regarding the light given off by a new piece of equipment, (night vision camera), we were using for the first time at this location. You will here Jim saying something to the effect that the red light is a dead giveaway. As Jim is finishing the statement, and right over top of the end of it, we got this almost robotic voice that seems to be saying "Ignore the red light". We slowed the audio down to hear the first word better, and still are having trouble hearing it it is saying "ignore". I put both the original and slowed versions below. Let us know what you think! This is the untouched version of "Ignore the red light"   
This is the slowed version, slowed down to 45% of original speed. "Ignore the red light"   

Another addition to an amazing list of EVP's coming from one particular investigation site! This was recorded on 2/16/11 and can now be added to the list of EVP's below. We were approaching one of our regular investigation areas around the above private residence. We got this gem right in front of the opening to the park. I had to clean, (slightly), this EVP using a low end filter due to it being recorded outside, but we consider this to be an "A" EVP. We are pretty sure it is saying "Go in and pray with them", but it could easily be saying Go in and PLAY with them. Let your ears work for us and guestbook us what you think.

This EVP was recorded using our spirit box. The spirit box is a recording device that scans radio waves at a very fast pace. It allows you to use "white noise" which is believed to help the spirit world get words and messages through to our world. Whats Fasinating about this EVP, is that it was the very first time we actually used the spirit box on this location. Because of this, I got out of our van fumbling with the device and trying to read the settings as I walked. The EVP we recorded reflects this by saying to us "Whats that in your hand?"

Another great Spirit Box addition to our library! This was recorded 2/23/11. We were closing down our equipment for the night. I was talking to any spirits who were listening and exclaimed "Would you like to tell us to come back?" Within the white noise that the spirit box uses, we get a young male voice that exclaims "I Tried Tonight". I did clean some of the white noise away from the wording using a standard band pass so it could be heard better but its about as clean as any spirit box recording can get. .

This EVP was recorded while walking outside of a residential investigation site. It was NOT altered in any way. We didn't have to!! While the voice is a whisper, it recorded clearly and tells us to "REPENT!"     

This EVP was actually recorded just at dusk in a park attached to a regular residential investigation site. Jim was with his 10 year old daughter, surveying the outlying area and was fortunate to have his Digi recorder going because he was showing her how it works! The EVP was NOT altered in any way! It is a voice and NOt a whisper and clearly states "THE KIDS ARE HERE WITH JIM". It should be noted, that the investigation site is haunted by teenage boys who were killed tragically in an auto accident.

This EVP was also recorded outdoors at the same residential investigation as the above. It was not cleaned or filtered in any way, and clearly states "Thank You"

Again, the EVP attached was recorded at the site above. It should be noted, these EVP's were NOT recorded on the same evening but, in fact, recorded separately over several months worth of investigations. It was slightly filtered to decipher some of the wording, but it clearly states "Can we talk with Jim?"

This EVP was electronically altered by slowing the spirit(s) voice content by 50%. Our theory is that when spirits speak to one another, their speech is most often extremely fast! Our theory comes into play often, especially on this particular investigation site where more than one tragic death occurred. On this site, we often ask, (and get), loud bangs on the guard rail along the road in front of the property. In this EVP, I was asking a spirit to bang on the rail. The EVP has two voices on it. The first one says "I don't wanna bang on it Jimmy", and a second voice tells the first one "Don't worry about it". Again, their voices were slowed to 50% of the normal recording speed.

This EVP basically came out of nowhere! It clearly says the name "Vicky". We don't know who Vicky is, or why this male spirit voice was telling us her name.

The very latest in a list of many EVP's recorded at this investigation site. We were totally unprepared for this one! This occurs while were were trucking through a very heavy ground cover of snow.  You will, unfortunatly, hear our footsteps. You will also hear us talking. What was surprising to us during the analysis of the recording, is that the one word EVP is much louder then our voices, and even our footsteps. This EVP was not cleaned or filtered in any way. The male voice, (not whisper), clearly is calling one of us "DUDE". Remember, this was the site of a horrific auto wreck that claimed the lives of 3 teenage boys. It happened in the mid 70's so the phrase dude clearly makes sense!

The Broad Axe Tavern, Ambler PA

We were invited to investigate The Broad Axe Tavern in Bucks County, PA by Paranormal 215, probably the best team Bucks County has to offer! We gladly accepted their invite and were thrilled to be able to work with them! The EVP below was recorded during that overnight investigation. The story of the Broad Axe is well documented and I encourage you to read up on it. This can be done on the Broad Axe website.

This EVP was recorded on the 3rd floor of the Tavern. The story of a little girl who ran from some disorderly patrons of the Inn and retreated into a back room of the Inn, never to be seen again, is well documented. So are the sightings and stories! What isn't well documented are and male spirits! While doing a short EVP session on the 3rd floor. We decided to all leave the floor.You will hear us leaving through a self closing door and actually hear us going down a stairwell.  What we DID do was leave a digi recorder running, along with a full spectrum camcorder. What we captured, (on both!), was a male voice that clearly says "Lost Girl". 

This EVP, was actually recorded just before the above EVP. It has two seprate segments to listen for. We believe the first one says "Wait, Right Here", but it is up for debate and your thoughts and ears will help us if you drop us an opinion on the guestbook page. The voice after me asking "Are you afraid?" seems to clearly say, "I Am Not!". Again, these EVP's were picked up on both the digi recorder, and the full spectrum camera's audio.  

The General Lafayette Inn, Lafayette Hills, PA

With the invite to investigate the Broad Axe, came the opportunity to investigate The General Lafayette Inn with Paranormal 215! Incidentally, these investigations were published in PhillyBeerScene Magazine in their October Issue of 2010. I encourage you to get online and read it.

This first EVP was recorded on the 2nd floor of the Inn. This floor was in the process of being remodeled and was not being used for public seating. We were asking general questions and got this EVP that clearly says the name "Jennifer". There was no need to alter or filter this EVP at all,

This EVP was also recorded on the 2nd floor of the Inn. I was asking the spirit in the room to pass or walk in front of an EMF detector. This device measures electromagnetic fields surrounding it. It is believed by many investigators, that a spirit trying to communicate emulate electromagnetic energy. While asking for a spirit to use this device, we got an EVP that says "Can you help me?"

Private Residence - Warminster, PA (with Paranormal 215)

We were, once again, invited by our good friends at Paranormal 215 to help investigate a private residence in Warminster, Bucks County, PA. It was, to say the least, a very interesting investigation, as well as a VERY active site! The EVP's below were some of the more interesting ones we captured. 

 This EVP was taken in one of the bedrooms on the second floor of the above mentioned property. When I asked the question, I received the answer "I'm Ready"    

This EVP was recorded in a different bedroom. We think it is saying two separate things, in two separate places.  You can be a great help if you hear something different and tell us on the guestbook. The more ears that hear an EVP, the better we can figure out exactly what is being said! These EVP's were not altered in any way and, you should know, they are whispers, and not full toned voices. The first phrase seems to be saying, "Let Them", the second seems to say, "Thank You".    

Mid 1800's Scottish Settlement, (small village), along the Darby Creek clothing mill area

While walking to one of our regular investigation sites, we always pass a group of homes built in the early 1800's and perched alongside of the Darby Creek. While recording along the way, we got a pleasant EVP that wishes us a "Good Afternoon!". Whats strange about this is that it was approximatly 11:30pm! After hearing this, our history research expert started digging up some info on the settlement. It turns out that the homes were occupied by Scottish settlers who were actually brilliant weavers! They came hear to settle and  work in the many textile mills that dotted the banks of the Darby Creek. Its also interesting to note that the "Good Afternoon!" seems to have a Scottish or British accent!



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